Hashem does healing

we do the wheeling

Over 515 dedicated volunteers provide
smooth and comfortable rides round the
clock day & night.
Patient Resources
Chesed offers a wellspring of information on
hospitals and clinics across the country,
on site, in print, & on the phone
300 Trips a Day!
It takes over 20 dispatchers and a
state-of-the-art computer program to ensure
that each ride is well-coordinated to
accommodate as many patients as possible.
Hospital Kosher Info
Bikur Cholim Room - Chaplain - Community Liaison - Directions - Hospital org - Kosher Food - Local Accommodations - Restaurants - Shabbos Apartment
Patient Resources
Bikur Cholim Services - Financial Support - Kosher Food - Medical Referral Org. - Patient Advocacy - Support - Transportation

About Chesed

Chesed is a nonprofit organization that provides non-emergency transportation for patients and their family and friends. Patients who need outside therapies, family members staying with patients in the hospital, and volunteers visiting the sick can enjoy a free and comfortable ride with Chesed when public transportation or other options are not available. Chesed is based in Brooklyn New York with several more branches in Upstate NY. Learn more...

Download Tri-State Area Hospital Kosher Guide

Download our Chesed Directory; a handy pocket guide created by Chesed Volunteers of Williamsburg, to provide valuable health related information, relevant to a hospital stay such as Bikur Cholim suites, Chesed rooms, Kosher food, nearby Shuls and other helpful infofor the Tri-State and Surrounding area.

Download the Special Sukkos-Guide HERE!


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Trips Coverd
From Rosh Hashana
5784 to Date
Through hail or heat, day or night, Chesed is there to share your plight. Our selfless volunteers happily drive back and forth from hospitals and clinics quickly, safely, and confidentially. These trips save a tremendous amount of time and money for our suffering brethren. We feel privileged to provide them with some measure of relief, and we need you to continue our holy work. Help us help them.
Chesed Volunteers of Williamsburg, Inc.
Mailing Address:
644 Wythe Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11249