About Chesed

CHESED OF WILLIAMSBURG… was founded in 1998, the culmination of a dream by two motivated members of the Williamsburg Hatzolah, a volunteer EMS organization, who shared an elderly and lonely neighbor who was in the hospital. Not only did they tend to the medical needs of their neighbor, but they arranged for a steady stream of volunteers to help him as well. After word spread about this great service, families needing assistance began requesting help, and within the year, a group of thirty volunteers was recruited to transport people to and from hospitals, often staying with patients overnight where needed. As the demands grew, a more advanced tracking system was implemented to reach the volunteers. Initially, a dispatcher would contact all members via beepers, but this was later upgraded to a text-messaging operation with a more sophisticated system.

Today, CHESED OF WILLIAMSBURG boasts over 500 fulltime volunteers, including 34 dispatchers and a full-time computer programmer to maintain and upgrade the dispatch program and the VOIP (voice over internal protocol) phone system.

Each dispatcher is equipped with the computerized VOIP phone.

Today CHESED OF WILLIAMSBURG boasts over 500 full-time volunteers includings 34 dispatchers and a full-time computer programmer to maintain and upgrade the dispatch program and the VOIP(voice over internal protocol) phone system.

This system accommodates 12 lines and enables the dispatcher to maintain communication with both patients and volunteers, especially in New York City, where hospitals are located in heavily congested and high traffic locations.

Our dispatchers are extremely efficient and have the necessary expertise and sensitivity for all calls, to ensure a smooth operation throughout.

CHESED services all hospitals in the metropolitan area, with unusual request for trips as far south as Baltimore, and as far north as Boston and Philadelphia, a remarkable 350 trips a day!

Last year 5783 Chesed of Williamsburg covered a total of 52,000 trips, 1.1 million miles and saved for the Williamsburg Community (based on local car service prices) over 2 Million dollars.


The typical volunteer is a licensed driver who must have a clean driving record and comfortable car, and has a reliable and trustworthy reputation. He might be anyone, from an insurance agent, a salesman, a computer programmer, who has a flexible work setup and a caring and generous heart. Most volunteers are so devoted that they plan their work schedules around their Chesed trips. Many of them feel if they haven’t done a "chesed trip", they have not done an accomplished day’s work. CHESED volunteers are trained to respect the privacy of their passengers and often have "little treats" prepared for their younger patients.
Each member is prepared to go that extra mile to make a difference in someone’s life.


Relatives of patients who require long-term hospital stays or treatments on a regular basis, and are unable to drive or take public transportation, apply for approval.

After their eligibility is determined, they are entitled to receive services. Chesed also provides transportation for consultations with out-of-town specialists or medical care in out-of-state hospitals.


» Partial Gas reimbursement for members $85,000 last year.
» Tolls reimbursement only for long distance trips $6,000 last year.
» Annual member appreciation dinner $100,000.
» Computer equipment upgrades for dispatchers $12,000.
» Jnet services for all dispatchers $9,600.
» Member Bulletins to motivate and update members within organization 4 times a year
   $1,500 each.
» Total Budget $217,000.


Chesed is funded by donations only !
Most contributions are from people in the community who know about our activities and the vital role Chesed plays in the lives of so many in need. Ironically some larger donations are from our own volunteers who see from within the importance of the organization. Some contributions also come from the many who have benefitted from Chesed and wish to express their appreciation by helping to ease the financial burden.

Chesed Volunteers of Williamsburg, Inc.
Mailing Address:
644 Wythe Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11249